How to bind the link

How to bind the link

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The link binding usually is meant as use of the graphic file in the format .jpg, .gif or other as the active link to a certain page. For execution of the picture in such quality special HTML tags and elements of a wiki-marking are used.


1. There are two main options of a binding of the link to the picture. What of them is simpler, it is difficult to define, when choosing you can be guided only by own preferences and features of the website on which you place the reference. For example, such is the first version of the picture link: [url=] <img src= ""http://www.picture-url.prefix""/> [/url] After the letters "www" insert, respectively, the address of the website and the address of the picture. Surely check correctness of the code before saving the page with the message. For this purpose include a print preview mode or "The visual editor". The first option is better as you can check not only correctness of the address of the picture, but also operating condition of the link to other website.

2. Often at a binding of the link the following HTML tag is used: <href= "" address of the перехода&lt;br /&gt page;""> <img src= "" URL of the picture""/> </a> At such design the transition to the new page happens at click on the picture, and the new page opens in the same window.

3. That a link was opened in a new window, transform the code a little. After the address of the page specify one more tag. As a result the attached link will look so: <href= "" PAGE ADDRESS of"" target= "" _blank""> text </a>

4. And it is not a limit. You can attribute the small comment which will appear at guidance of the cursor on the drawing. As the comment use the description of the website or its subject. Tags extend to the following view: <a href= "" the PAGE ADDRESS of"" target= "" _blank"" title= "" will open in a new window""> the text </a>

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