How to block a banner

How to block a banner

Internet technologies do not stand still, so, also spammers are not tired to be improved. The technology of distribution of spam links which is the most extended now is the new popander technology (pop-under). It differs from other advertizing banners in what loads a window of the website and turns it at once, hides under the main open window. Usually the user notices it only when closes the first window. However in the browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and some other such pop-up windows can be blocked.


1. Blocking of pop-under in all browsers:
The principle of blocking in all browsers is similar as the principle of work of pop-under of technology same: when the user clicks "close" in a banner corner, under this window the window with the advertizing website appears.
In general for blocking you should make so:
Select a browser menu item Tools – Settings – to Block undesirable windows. If you need more detailed instruction to specific browsers, then pass to the following steps.

2. Blocking of pop-under in the Opera browser:
Learn the address of a pop-up window in a line of the browser.
Select a menu item Tools – Settings – Contents – the Blocked contents. Add the website address to the black list.
You can also change the black list, having changed the ~/.opera/urlfilter.ini file. Add an asterisk at the end of each website which you place in the black list, i.e. write "http://адрес of the website / *". The asterisk will replace with itself all characters therefore any address of this website will be blocked by the browser.

3. Blocking of pop-under in the Mozilla Firefox browser:
Here everything is extremely simple – use the special Adblock Plus extension.
Guide a mouse at advertizing, right-click, select in the dropped-out Adblock Plus menu.
Best of all at the first loading of the browser add a subscription for the list of filters, for example EasyList, EasyElement, RUAdlist, AVR Tracking. Find them on the website In this case the browser itself will block the various advertizing websites without your excess intervention at once.

4. Do not allow mean spammers to spoil to you life and attentively select the websites for visit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team