How to block access to the page

How to block access to the page

Sometimes the administrator of the personal computer has a need to block to other users access to certain Internet pages. It is possible to make it as in settings of the browser, and the most operating system.


1. Create for other users of the computer separate accounts with the minimum rights for access restriction to certain websites. Then be loaded under your account of the administrator and put on it the password.

2. Activate parent settings. This function is available in the latests version of the Windows operating system and is activated through the menu of accounts. By means of it you can block access to certain categories of Internet resources.

3. Open the Setup menu if you use the Opera browser, and click the line "Contents". On the Blocked Contents tab add the address of the blocked web page. In the Firefox and Google Chrome browsers there is a possibility of loading of special additions for access restriction to certain websites and also prevention of change of settings with the password. To enable these additions, open the official website of the browser and find the corresponding expansions.

4. Block Internet access in certain days and hours, for example, so far you are absent from work. With it you will be helped by the Caspersky Crystal program with support of the automatic ban of Internet connection in certain days of the week, hours, minutes and the selected days of the calendar. Also by means of it it is possible to prohibit to change settings by the password.

5. Prohibit an input on the website, having saved its address in the hosts file. Pass into the My Computer menu and open the Windows folder. Then pass into the system32\drivers\etc\directory and find the hosts file in the final folder. Open it by means of a notepad. Enter below the address of those websites which need to be blocked. Before each address do not forget to specify mask As a result the line will have approximately following appearance: Save the changes made by you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team