How to block access to the pornwebsites

How to block access to the pornwebsites

Many parents, if not the vast majority, agree that it is necessary to eliminate spaces in sex education on special classes, but not by means of visit of the "hot" websites. Fortunately, all popular browsers have functionality for blocking of domains (including format "XXX") and Internet Explorer – not an exception.

It is required to you

  • - Internet Explorer browser


1. Open the Internet Explorer browser. If there is no main menu, click with the right mouse button space near an open tab and in the appeared menu select the most top line – "Menu bar". Keep in mind that if you click a tab, then the completely different menu will open. Now click on a menu item "Service", and then "Internet Options".

2. In the appeared window select the Contents tab, find the section "Access restriction" and press the Include button. In a new window select The Resolved Nodes tab.

3. Enter the name of the legal domain in the Allow Viewing the Following Node field and press the Always button. Here it is worth explaining that the interlock system of the websites in Internet Explorer works only by the principle of "clean sheet". I.e. it will be allowed to visit all allowed domains, all others by default are considered as prohibited. Respectively, adding in the list of the website as prohibited (by means of the Never button), it does not make any sense. It is, probably, a miscalculation of developers.

4. Go to the General tab. If you want that the website was not just blocked, and in attempt to come on it there was a request for password entry, check near the Allow Password Entry for Viewing the Prohibited Nodes point.

5. Click "Apply". The new window in which it will be offered to you to set the password on access to settings of blocking of the websites will appear and to write the hint to it. This password will be used in the future for blocking inclusion/switching off and also an input on the prohibited websites and in blocking settings. You can change this password at any time, having pressed the Change the Password button which is on the General tab in the section "Password admission".

6. To close windows of the observer and settings of blocking, click in each of them "OK".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team