How to block access to the websites

How to block access to the websites

Curiosity – one of the main characteristics of any modern Internet user. Moving from the link to the link, from one curious name on another, people investigate unlimited nothing contents of a world wide web. Only not always such curiosity – it is good. What to do if children or people with unstable mentality use your computer? Always there is a chance that they will come across improper information. To avoid such cases, it is necessary to block access to the undesirable websites in advance.

It is required to you

  • - Internet
  • - computer


1. The easiest way of blocking of the undesirable websites – in the Internet Explorer browser. Open the Tools menu on the toolbar of the browser and select Internet Options. In the Privacy tab select Sites. Enter the name of the website which contents you want to block and click OK.

2. If you use the web browser other than Internet Explorer, then to block the undesirable websites first of all it is necessary to select Accessories in the All Programs directory in the menu of the Start button. And further to click Command Prompt.

3. In the opened DOS window print the following: notepad C: / Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts.

4. Further find a line localhost and continue it by names of those websites which you want to block. For example, if you want to prohibit opening of the website under localhost print

5. Save the entered data (Fayl-Sokhranit) and close the program. The specified website is blocked.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team