How to block advertizing

How to block advertizing

The abundance of advertizing in the Internet brings it to users many inconveniences – it slows down loading of pages, spends traffic, interferes with work and education and distracts from important issues. To save itself from the discomfort connected with advertizing in network you can block advertizing that it was not displayed in your browser.


1. First of all, for protection of the computer and blocking of undesirable processes of network you will need Firewall – the protective screen filtering packages which go on your computer from the Internet. Today it is possible to find the mass of functional and convenient fayervoll in network, you can install and activate each of which – for example, Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro.

2. Having started the program, right-click on its icon in a system tray and open settings. Come into the Advertising and Websites tab, and then come in turn into two subsections "Blocking of the Harmful Websites" and "Advertising Blocking".

3. You can specify exceptions for some entrusted websites in these sections, add those which are not in base of the program yet and also to check what websites the program already considered harmful and blocked. In the section "Advertising Blocking" configure three tabs allowing to identify advertizing by keywords, by the size and according to the ImproveNet list which is in advance created by developers of the program.

4. Having configured firewall, pass to setup of the web browser which we will consider on the example of Mozilla Firefox. Open the section "Tools" in the menu bar of the browser and open the subsection "Additions". In the line "Search of Additions" enter AdBlock Plus. Having found the necessary addition, click the Add and Install Now button, and wait until addition is enabled.

5. Restart the browser – you will see that addition of blocking of advertizing began to work. You can use as ready advertizing bases of addition, and to specify advertizing blocks manually – if you want to block advertizing on the website, click on the advertizing block the right mouse button and select "AdBlock Plus – to block the image or a frame". Select the address to which you enable blocking.

6. In the Opera browser on any suspicious and undesirable advertizing you can right-click and click "Block contents".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team