How to block Asya

How to block Asya

If you use the computer together with other people, temporarily leave the PC and want to reserve personal law to use icq, then you will need ability to block it.


1. For implementation of this task through the search function (it is located in the main menu which opens clicking of the start-up button on the monitor screen) find the hosts file in Windows. This file comprises comparison of the IP addresses to certain names of nodes.

2. Enter the file, using any of the available text editors. The list of the used IP addresses will become visible to you - in the file they will be located in a column. Opposite to each address in a separate column the name of the used node will be entered, and between them there have to be not less than one space.

3. Having passed already filled lines, in the blank line following them write the following data: 1 - here important is the fact that after introduction of number it is necessary to put down at least one space. Save.

4. Close the file. Now whoever tried to come into icq from this computer - to it an error message will be constantly given. When you need to come into icq, it is necessary to come again on this hosts file where the written line needs to be deleted then to save the made changes.

5. Besides, it is possible to block icq and in such a way: enter the main menu of the computer by means of the start-up button from where further pass into the "network connections" folder, and from it - "properties of any active connection". In this subfolder select a tab under the name "in addition". Select "parameters" from the appeared list, and further - the exceptions tab. It is necessary to remove the put-down tick which costs near icq this tab.

6. For forced blocking of ICQ it is possible to send from its number about 1000 spam messages by means of the spammer. Further follow the link where after oblique line write the blocked ICQ number and click Report Spam. Within 1 day number ICQ will be blocked, the truth to unblock it will become possible only after contacting support desk of the website. Will consider your application not earlier than in 3 days, and the greatest possible term will be 2 weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team