How to block Internet access

How to block Internet access

Internet access is necessary to not everyone and not always. For example, often there is a situation when children who need to do homeworks need to limit access to the network. It is the simplest to block Internet access by means of the antivirus software.

It is required to you

  • - computer;
  • - Internet.


1. Sometimes it is necessary to block Internet access not only to children, but also to some programs which automatically download updates and by that hammer traffic. It can often give a certain inconvenience as usually such programs do not warn about the automatic actions. First of all open the menu of the antivirus software.

2. Find a window or the Setup tab. Sometimes it can be designated in the form of the button – everything depends on specific type of the antivirus software installed at you on the computer.

3. On the monitor the window in which it will be necessary to find the section "Protection" will open. Come into this section and select the Network Screen menu. Opposite to it find an empty small square in which check. Further take place in the Setup menu.

4. You will see the Network Screen window. It is necessary to find the Rules of Filtering submenu. As soon as it opens, find there that program which access to network you are going to limit. Check opposite it or click "Add". Consider that in your antivirus software the principle of work can be a little another. Everything depends on a specific sample. Here the general logic of access restriction in the Internet is described.

5. The Network Rule window in which it is necessary to select the Actions group should open. From the offered actions select "Block". There is a Network Service list in which it is necessary to select web browsing. After that click "Ok".

6. Return to the Network Screen window and find the Rules of Filtering tab. You will see that under that program which you selected the inscription "Prohibit" appeared. Click "Ok".

7. In an open window of change of settings click "Ok" too. Thus, you blocked Internet access of one of programs.

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