How to block Internet connection

How to block Internet connection

Situations when stand-alone programs need to block Internet connection or to limit access to certain websites, arise rather often. Equipment rooms and software solutions which apply as at home, and at the enterprises are for this purpose used.


1. Not only antivirus software are recommended to users for safe surfing. As good addition of functions of an antivirus which regularly catch the harmful files which already got to a system serve possibilities of firewalls. These are special solutions which trace and manage network activity of the installed programs. Most often apply program firewalls to house use. With their help the traffic of separate programs and the started processes is monitored, access to ports is closed, it is possible to block Internet connection also. If you did not install a firewall yet, read special reviews, tests and select any product from presented at the market.

2. Using a firewall, you can block Internet connection of any installed program. For this purpose place it in the list of the blocked applications (depending on the interface in firewalls of different vendors this function can be called differently, but the sense of the term will be saved). It is also possible to block completely Internet connection from the computer. For this purpose transfer a firewall to the mode (policy) of full blocking. At the same time all traffic of any processes will be prohibited.

3. In the information network of the company for the same purpose use the proxy server or a hardware firewall. Read the specialized websites at their choice, reference books and user guides to their installation and setup. As the Internet on all computers in the company will be distributed through the installed proxy server or a hardware firewall, you will be able to specify in its settings also other parameters. In particular, to block Internet connection completely, to limit access to the specific websites, to close certain ports for protection against unauthorized information exchange and also to keep account of the spent traffic by each user.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team