How to block mail box

How to block mail box

Services of electronic mail services give to the subscribers the most various opportunities. If you had a need of the mailbox at a distance, use the instruction below.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access;
  • - access to the blocked box.


1. Follow the link and enter the login and the password in the appeared fields of the e-mail.

2. Attentively read information provided on the following opened page. It will contain the warning of irrevocable data loss. All your letters, the address book, folders, the daily log, etc. will be deleted. Also within 5 days all albums, your blog, your World will be deleted, you will lose access to Otvety service.

3. If you need to delete all materials quicker, than the program offers (within five days), you follow the special specified links, on the same page. For fast removal of each separate service there is the link.

4. If you want to delete all the questions and answers in Otvety service (and they automatically are saved), follow also the special link specified on your page.

5. Specify the reason for which you leave the portal in the special field. Try briefly and it is clear to prove it, be not let in long spatial reasonings. It can be, for example, your discontent with quality of the provided services or transition to other resource which is pleasant to you more.

6. After you specify a reason for refusal of the mailbox, enter the password once again. After implementation of this procedure the box will be blocked, and all letters will be deleted from it. The registered name will become free in three months.

7. If you are not ready to such radical act, disconnect a mailbox for a while. Open your homepage, click the necessary domain name. Then click "Mail". Click that address of an e-mail which work you want to suspend for some time. In the Tools group click "Mailbox", deselect a checkbox: "Mailbox", click "OK".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team