How to block the person of VKontakte

How to block the person of VKontakte

It is possible to block the person of VKontakte in two ways. The first consists in adding of the user in the black list, the second – in its blocking of the website by administration for violation of the rules, when cracking the page.

The administration of the website VKontakte offers two ways of blocking of users. So, any user who is not his friend can block the person on this social network. At the same time this blocking which is also called adding in the black list will work only for that user who carried out it, and the blocked person can not learn about it even. The second method is often used at detection of violation of the rules of the website, when cracking the page. In such situation the user is blocked for all participants of social network.

It is necessary to consider that for any pages on this social network two designated ways of blocking work only, no other opportunities to influence other user exist.


How to block the person of VKontakte by means of adding in the black list?


Often users enter requests of a type of "kak zablokirovat igrovie stranici". The easiest way of blocking of the specific user consists in adding of its page in the black list. For implementation of this method it is necessary to come from own page into "Settings", to pass into the section "Black list", to add to the corresponding address field of those pages which need to be blocked. At the same time the black list allows to carry out blocking of the specific page for one user, that is the person added to it will not be able to send private messages, to leave comments or records on a wall of this user, to show other activity or ways of interaction with it. The specified operation will not affect relationship of the person added to the black list with other participants of social network in any way.

It is possible add users who are not among friends to the black list and in a different way. For this purpose it is necessary to visit the personal page of this person and to click "Block".


How to block the person of VKontakte by means of administration?

The administration of the website VKontakte blocks users in two cases: at violation of the rules of social network and also in attempts of cracking of the page. At the same time blocking can be carried out at the initiative of the administration and according to complaints of other users (the number of complaints does not matter). For implementation of this way "Complain of the Page" which is available on the page of any user should click. If the administration of the website considers the complaint reasonable, then the corresponding profile will be blocked for all users of social network.

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