How to block the website in Chrome

How to block the website in Chrome

Google Chrome maintains a large number of functions for work with Internet resources. Possibilities of the browser can be also expanded by means of various additions among which you can find also an applet for blocking of undesirable resources.


1. Open the Google Chrome window and in its right top part press the menu button. Among the offered points select the section "Tools" - "Expansions" where click "Still expansions". This link will readdress you in online store of applications for Google Chrome. You can get access to it also having used the corresponding icon on the homepage at start of the browser.

2. In the left top part of the appeared menu enter request of WebFilter Pro. Among the received results select the expansion corresponding to the name. In the right part of the opened window click "Install". Following instructions on the screen, complete installation and restart Chrome.

3. For start of the filter of the websites pass into the section of expansions of the browser and select the corresponding plug-in. Then the settings window in which you can select the necessary parameters will open. Specify the password of access to the application in the Password Settings block. It will allow to block change of options by other users of the computer for opening of access to resources. Specify Kids in the Working Mode mode. If someone will try to change settings of the program or to visit the website specified in a leaf, you can receive the corresponding notification through E-Mail or the SMS.

4. In the section Block Policy select resources, access to which you would like to block. So, in the parameter list you can select blocking of the websites with viruses or pornographic contents, information on drugs, torrent trackers and P2P-servers, the websites about weapon and gamblings, etc. Specify in the section Alert whether you want to receive notifications when someone tries to visit the website from a browser window.

5. You can specify the address of any specific resource to which you want to close access in the Black List tab. After performing settings the undesirable websites will be blocked. Setup of blocking in Google Chrome is complete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team