How to bring out of the domain

How to bring out of the domain

By means of opportunities of user account control (including administrators), resources of network, etc. domains of Windows noticeably simplify practically all needs of administration. But some tasks require a computer output from the domain.


1. Open the Windows control panel. For this purpose press the Start-up button and in the right part of the menu click on the Control panel point.

2. By default all elements in the control panel are displayed on categories that is not really convenient (in this case not all elements are displayed). That to change it, press the button in the left menu (in Windows XP) "Pass to a classical view" or (in Windows 7) in the upper right corner opposite to the line "Viewing" select "Small or large icons". Or pass to category "Performance and Service", having opened a label or having selected item with this name in the section "Transition" of the View menu.

3. Open the System window (in Windows 7) or "Properties of a system" (in Windows XP). For this purpose find the corresponding icon and click it doubleclick, the same action: "PKM-> to Open".

4. Open a dialog "Change of a computer name" (in Windows XP) or "Additional parameters of a system" (in Windows 7). In the Properties of a System window select the Computer name tab. Press the Change button (this step is identical to Windows XP and Windows 7).

5. Bring the computer out of the domain. Near the controls "Is a Member" of the Change of a Computer Name window select item "The working group:". The text box of the name of group will become active for change. Enter WORKGROUP value in this field. Save changes, having pressed the OK button. The window with text boxes for input of the user name and password will open. In this window press the OK button, then in two following opening windows click OK too.

6. To begin to work out of the domain Windows, it is necessary to reboot: open the Start menu, having keyed "checkbox" on the keyboard. Click on an arrow near a menu item "Completion of work", then click on "Reset" (in Windows 7) or the Completion of Work button (in Windows XP).

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