How to browse traffic

How to browse traffic

It is often necessary to know statistics of the network traffic: how many megabytes are received and how many it is sent. In order that to make it, special efforts are not necessary as all necessary information is stored directly at you on the computer.


1. You click ""Start-up""-> ""Control panel""-> ""Network connections"". You should are interested only in two icons: ""Connection on a local area network" "and" "Your main connection (it is called at all differently depending on the operator, the enabled Internet services and preferences of the user at connection registration).

2. For a start open ""Connection on a local area network"". In the lower part of the appeared window the activity of yours the Internet of traffic how many packages are sent and how many it is accepted is visually provided. But it is only one party of a medal which reflects quantity of traffic in network (that is when you use local resources, all gone information is charged here). Other party of a medal - external traffic. To find all information on it, open an icon with your main connection about which it is written above. Everything to identically local connection, but only is displayed already activity of your external traffic of which you can easily keep track.

3. Also if necessary you can browse traffic of other connections registered on your computer, the benefit is traced it in the same way. Now you are armed with all necessary information which will allow to monitor amount of the obtained and sent information. It is very convenient, for example, when you connected the Internet with restrictions on traffic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team