How to build a wireless network

How to build a wireless network

Routers use Wi-Fi for creation of the combined local area networks. They are necessary for connection of several computers and laptops to the Internet, providing with it communication among themselves in network.

It is required to you

  • - router;
  • - network cable.


1. Select suitable Wi-Fi the router. The budgetary model of the network equipment quite will be suitable for creation of the simplest home network. As a practice shows, more expensive analogs are designed for works with a large number of computers and intended for creation of a big cover zone of Wi-fi network.

2. Connect Wi-Fi the router to the alternating current main, previously having selected the place for its arrangement. Connect the Internet or WAN connector of the network equipment to the cable provided to you by provider. Now connect the network cable to LAN port of the router. Thrust other its end in the network interface card of the computer.

3. Include Wi-Fi the router and selected for its PC settings. Read the user guide to the network device. Find in it IP addresses value of the router. Open the web browser and enter into it these data. Click the ENTER key. Wait for opening of the web interface of the network equipment.

4. At first configure connection to the server of provider. For this purpose open the WAN menu. Change parameters of this menu, having used the recommendations of your provider. Include the following functions: NAT, Firewall and DHCP. Save settings and reboot the router. Wait for its loading and check presence of Internet access at your computer.

5. Now create wireless access point. Open the Wi-fi menu, enter a name of network, set the difficult password. Select types of a radio signal and safety from the existing options. Save parameters of access point and reboot Wi-Fi the router.

6. Execute connection of mobile computers to your wireless network. Check whether these devices got Internet access. Make sure that your computers can communicate in network.

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