How to buy clothes online

How to buy clothes online

The choice and purchase of goods in online stores significantly saves time of clients. Besides, on the websites there are sales which not a couple store. On them it is possible to get the real design thing at reasonable price. Difficulties only with fitting. Though they, in principle are solved. It is possible to measure precisely itself, and delivery by courier service often includes fitting of goods on the place.

It is required to you

  • - online store,
  • - e-mail address,
  • - centimeter tailor's,
  • - residential address,
  • - contact phone number.


1. First of all, it is necessary to be defined what level it would be desirable to buy clothes. The clothes can be as economy class, and luxury. Depending on it there are also websites on which these goods can be placed. It is necessary to find online stores which are engaged in sale of clothes in the searcher and to decide on the choice. Here only some of them:,,, Mà

2. Having opened a page, it is necessary to register on the website. After that the client has the office and a virtual basket in which there will be purchases. From this basket the order comes to processing before sending. In order that there were no questions and inconveniences at the last minute, it is necessary to study carefully the website regarding delivery of the order, nuances of its design and payment methods. It is necessary to learn whether fitting of goods on delivery and as return in case of a size error is made is possible. If there were questions, the Internet consultant or for phone designated on the website can set them. It is better to make it at once, then it is possible to avoid different problems at the order. When everything is studied in detail, it is possible to start purchases.

3. The following step is removal of measures. At first it is necessary to be defined what sizes are used in this online store. Then it is necessary to measure itself. As a rule, on each website there is a special section which explains how it is correct to take measurements. When the size is determined, it is possible to begin to select clothes.

4. Having opened the interactive directory, it is necessary to select the pleasant model. Practically on all websites there is such option as detailed survey of goods. Having selected a thing, it is necessary to click on it, for increase.
After that clothes or the model dressed in it in all foreshortenings appear at eyes of the buyer. It is possible to evaluate at this moment as the thing will look on your figure. This procedure should find more time since it is replacement of fitting on the website. If everything arranges, it is necessary to click "in a basket", and the goods will go to a basket of the buyer.

5. When the basket is filled, it is possible to begin to make out the order. If in the course of design there was desire to make still a purchase, it is possible to return to shopping. It is also possible to delete goods from a basket if design is not completed yet. After end of an official part the notification that the goods came to processing will come to the e-mail address of the buyer. Even at this stage still there is an opportunity to refuse purchase or to change the size. It does so. As a rule, in this letter there is an option "failure", having clicked which all procedure it is possible to cancel.

6. Then, during the time stipulated on the website, the goods will arrive to the buyer either by mail, or courier service. In case the clothes were delivered by the courier, it can be tried on at once. If the person who made the order has no opportunity at once to redeem goods in courier service, it is possible to delay it, having warned by phone of the called courier. There are cases when representatives of service say that failure to redeem goods means that it is necessary to take away it independently. It's not true. They are obliged to bring you him. Delivery is paid. If the courier service insists on shipment at own expense from their office, safely say about that subtracted delivery from cost. As a rule, in this case representatives become more compliant. By mail the goods can be redeemed without problems within a month.

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