How to buy in foreign online store

How to buy in foreign online store

Purchase of goods abroad, without leaving the house, now became a reality. Foreign online stores entice motley products, promising uniqueness and quality. There are several rules for commission of safe purchases on the Internet.


1. In most cases, to make the order in online store, it is necessary to register on the website. As a rule, information on the foreign website is stated in English. Near at hand there has to be a dictionary. The procedure does not take a lot of time, the main thing, do not give such information which can use without your permission. For example, it is impossible under any pretext to send the password from the e-wallet or to share the credit card number.

2. You do not hurry to buy desirable goods at once. You should have an idea of that online store in which you wish to make the order. First of all, obtain the opinion of independent users. Be vigilant, check shop in black lists of the Internet. Contact the manager, ask on purchase conditions, secure with guarantees. The details you learn more, the purchase will be more reliable.

3. Upon purchase in foreign shop clothes - try on it, specify the size if the equipment – learn the specification in more detail.

4. Undoubtedly, to buy goods it is necessary to learn the cost (Price). You get a grasp of terms of sale, of a set of delivery (Pack including), parcel parameters with packaging or without (Product Details with-without package). You watch whether it is necessary to pay for delivery. Whether it is possible to receive goods without costs of transfer (Free shipping). Whether the discount to order more than one thing (Bulk Order Discount) is provided.

5. Specify through what system the shop accepts money (accept payment through), for example through PayPal. Learn whether it is possible to return money if it turns out that nobody is going to send goods to you. Attentively fill out the form of the order. Specify reliable data.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team