How to buy on Aliexpress according to coupons

How to buy on Aliexpress according to coupons

Coupons give the excellent chance to save if you know how to use them. Beginners very often have a bewilderment: the coupon is, and it is impossible to apply it. There is no deception, just the discount applies upon purchase to a certain sum. And it is not all secrets of purchases on Aliexpress with benefit.

It is required to you

  • - coupon of AliExpress
  • - means of payment


1. All coupons on Ali are divided into two groups: AliExpress Coupon and Seller Coupon. In the first group there are all discounts which you can receive for participation in competitions or during the actions. Sales on this website are held regularly: to warm up passion of buyers, in anticipation of sale-boom the draw of coupons which give let small, but a discount will be organized.

2. In the second group there are coupons of the seller, they can be found on the homepage of its shop or on the page of goods, as a rule, in the left column.

3. Also some sellers give Fixed Discount which works irrespective of the used coupons. If you gathered goods for the discount sum, the discount is charged automatically. For example, if you order for 100 dollars and more from this seller, the cost of purchase will become 5 dollars less.

4. To learn what coupons you have, come into a personal account and open the My Coupons tab.
All Coupons — all this the coupons ever added on your account.
Valid — the existing outstanding coupons.
Inactive — the coupons spent for purchases which are not received yet.
Used — redeemed coupons by complete orders.
Expired — everything that was not used in time.

5. Pay attention to the face value of the coupon and term of its action.
Spend — the sum with which the discount begins to work.
Get … of – the discount amount.
Valid Time — validity period.
In this example the order should be a minimum (Only valid on order over US of $27.00) for 27 dollars, and it is necessary to pay in addition only 7. It is necessary to use it till March 17, 2015. After this term the status of the coupon will change with Valid on Expired, and the discount will be gone.

6. At execution of the order it is possible to use three types of discounts at once: Fixed Discount, AliExpress Coupon and Seller Coupon. In this example the general economy made 30 dollars.

7. You can use one coupon from AliExpress, having issued several orders at different sellers. For this purpose waste all basket till the end and instead of the Order from This Seller button press "Issue the order". Further actions are similar to purchase from one seller.

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