How to buy the domain .rf

How to buy the domain .rf

The domain .rf is the first national top-level domain which writing is allowed only by Cyrillics. With the advent of this domain in 2010 all net surfers had an opportunity to register and browse the domain names which are completely written in Russian. Opening of a zone .rf allowed more than 100 million Russian-speaking users to use a mother tongue worldwide.

It is required to you

  • To register the domain in a zone .rf it is necessary to conform to several simple rules and also to observe two restrictions: not use Latin letters in a website name and avoid offensive language in the name of the site.



Register in a personal account

It is necessary to select one of services of loggers of domains and to register in it. After registration confirmation the user will get access to a personal account which it will be able to enter from the homepage of service.



On the vast majority of services the services are provided on an advance-payment basis. Therefore for execution of any orders the user needs to fill up previously the personal account on the website logger. In most cases, services provide all possible deposit methods existing in network.


Submit the application for registration of the domain

For application for registration of the domain it is necessary to come in a personal account into the control panel which opens access to registration of the domain. Further it is necessary to select the link "Register the Domain" or similar then to fill out all necessary information which will be asked for the user by a system. The user is given an opportunity of registration of the domain, both on the natural person, and on legal.

After confirmation of purchase of the domain, the necessary sum will instantly be charged off an account of the user. Within 15 minutes the domain will be considered as busy in all services of verification of domains.


Order a hosting

The order of a hosting for it will be the last step upon purchase of the domain. It can be done, as on service where the domain, and on any similar was already bought. Most of specialists agrees in opinion that the domain and a hosting should be bought on different sites for ensuring bigger safety.

To order a hosting it is necessary to select in the control panel of the website of service provider the Registration of a Hosting tab or similar. Further it is necessary to select an optimum data plan, the period of service and other additional parameters. Further order and payment of a hosting pass identically the order and payment of the domain.

After purchase of a hosting for its correct work the user needs to register the correct DNS names for the domain. It is possible to make it on the corresponding tab in the control panel.

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