How to bypass restrictions on the Internet

How to bypass restrictions on the Internet

When choosing a data plan with limited traffic there is a task to stretch the selected volume for the longest time. It is possible when using a number of the services created for compression of information loaded on the PC at web surfing.


1. For economy of traffic configure autostart of programs at turning on of the computer – exclude from it the maximum quantity of programs which work requires connection to network and also those which can download updates. Use the Loonies Admint program. Optimum will be to turn off autostart of all programs – so you will be insured from automatic loading of updates.

2. In settings of your web browser turn off loading of pictures and applications. These elements make up to sixty percent from page weight, having turned off their loading, you will significantly cut a traffic consumption.

3. Use the Turbo mode in the Opera web browser. This mode is used, as a rule, for the accelerated loading of pages and is that before getting on your computer, information at first passes through the proxy server where it contracts. It belongs both to pictures, and to java and flash to elements. In this case economy will make up to thirty-forty percent.

4. Use specialized services for compression of traffic. In the majority they paid, but there is also a possibility of their free use. The difference between normal and paid access consists in wait time of loading from the proxy server – at paid option it much less. These services work by the same principle, as the Opera browser in the Turbo mode, however economy of traffic reaches fifty-sixty percent.

5. For absolute minimization of the traffic spent at web surfing download any version of the Opera mini browser. By means of this browser you will be able to save up to eighty percent from initial traffic and if turn off loading of Java, flash and pictures – to ninety percent. Initially this browser was intended for mobile devices therefore the emulator will be required to download and install previously java.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team