How to call the resource

How to call the resource

When opening a new Internet resource of one of the most complex problems there is a choice of the suitable name. This process becomes complicated also the fact that the majority of terse names of domain names are already busy with prompter Internet startups. But the way out nevertheless is.

It is required to you

  • - resource brand beech;
  • - list of theses of semantic loading of the name.


1. Separate process of selecting the name into two consecutive stages: the choice of the name for the resource and the choice of a domain name. First of all it is necessary to find optimal variants for the name. It is necessary to define main objectives and problems of a resource, the policy of creation of content and stylistics of supply of material. At the same time does not matter whether the resource has commercial character, or not.

2. Create the list of theses for future name on the basis of accepted a brand beech. They should outline informative and emotional fullness of future name. There are no accurate restrictions by drawing up such list: it can be nouns and verbs, proper names and nominal, they can express emotions and feelings.

3. Form initiative group of the employees concerning a resource and carry out brainstorming. For increase in efficiency all participants should distribute a task on drawing up the list of theses in advance. At discretion everyone should make any written description of the most important informative lines of future name of the website. During brainstorming ask everyone to read in turn the list and within joint discussion select the most successful offers.

4. Sum up the results of brainstorming and make the final list of theses. On their basis each of members of initiative group should make the list of names and names. It is the best of all to limit number of estimated options by quantity.

5. Collect the offered lists and try to find some of the most suitable names. After that check whether the same domain names including in a zone of the Russian Federation are free. If you did not find an exact match, take the place, otherwise try to alter the name of the website by means of use of valid punctuation marks, digits instead of letters, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team