How to cancel a reservation

How to cancel a reservation

Today it is convenient to use service of hotel booking, an avia - and train tickets, tables at restaurant or cafe. In fact, it is an opportunity previously to assign to a certain client or the tourist the place for the specified date. To cancel the order (in hotel, on the air ticket or the ticket for an entertaining action), it is required to observe the sequence of actions.


1. If you cancel the room in hotel in cash, call for a certain number of days (it is specified in the conditions of armoring) to managers and agree about a refund.

2. If you booked the room in hotel by means of an online system (it which occurs in an interactive mode), enter on the corresponding website of the company, open a form of failure and enter into it the identification number of armor. Fill all fields and send it on the specified e-mail.

3. Remember that canceling of armoring can be paid, the hotel also has the right to withdraw from your card a certain sum of money in that case (prepayment) if you refused number later, than it is authorized in conditions. If you have doubts concerning a trip, it is better to find the hotel accommodation with free canceling of armoring.

4. For canceling of reservation for the ticket at movie theater or theater you just should not redeem the booked tickets (prepayment does not undertake). The order is automatically cancelled in a definite time prior to the session or representation, and tickets go on free sale. If you come to a premiere less than in 15-20 minutes, to expect tickets which you had already in a pocket, are not necessary.

5. If you armor the air ticket via the website of any given company, pay attention to whether armor protection is paid or free. If the reservation free, then it is automatically cancelled if you do not redeem the ticket till the fixed time. If the website provides a paid reservation, then you should use a special form of failure, but attentively read at the same time conditions of armoring of tickets that after armor removal you did not need to pay penal interest and a penalty. In some companies at failure and removal of armor, percent on rates, on taxes and some sums of the commissions and margins will not be returned to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team