How to cancel the installed updates

How to cancel the installed updates

The installed updates not always do well to the operating system of the computer, but changes can always be cancelled. Special function – the System recovery program is for this purpose provided in Windows 7 OS. On recovery points which are automatically created by the program you will be able always to return a system to an initial status.


1. Use the program of recovery Windows if after installation of updates in work of OS there were malfunctions. Return to a recovery point will cancel changes in the register of Windows, will delete the installed programs and drivers and will restore remote. Pay attention that the program does not mention personal files – documents, images, music, video. To restore such files, use the archive copy of a system.

2. Close all programs working on the computer. In the Control panel select the Recovery component. Press the System Recovery Start button.

3. Press Next in the appeared window — the list of available recovery points of a system will open. Select the necessary point in the list — be guided by the name, date and time of its creation.

4. Check what programs and drivers will be deleted from the computer if you pass to the status corresponding to the selected point. For this purpose press the Search of the Mentioned Programs button and wait for the end of scanning of a system. In the opened window you will see two lists: in top programs and drivers which will be deleted will be displayed, in lower – which will be restored.

5. Press Next. To confirm the choice and to start system recovery, press the button "Is ready". Wait some time until process is ended. That changes became effective, will automatically be rebooted.

6. Check work of the restored programs and drivers. If some of them work incorrectly, reinstall them manually. If you were mistaken with the choice from a recovery point, cancel changes and/or use other point.

7. Create recovery points manually every time when you install on the computer new programs and drivers, especially, if you take them from informal sources. For this purpose in the Control panel open the System component. Pass into the section "Protection of a System", the link to which is located at the left.

8. Press the Create button located in the bottom of a window. Set a unique name for a new point (date and time of creation will be added automatically). Wait some time until the recovery point is created and added to the list. Further, if it is not pleasant to you how the system after installation of new software works, restore a system in an initial status as it is described above.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team