How to cancel the order in online store

How to cancel the order in online store

The order of canceling of the order in online store is regulated by Article 26.1 of the Law of the Russian Federation "About Consumer Protection" in which it is said that the buyer has the right to refuse goods at any time until its receiving. Before making the order in online store, it is necessary to study rules of canceling of the order which are in most cases explained on the website.


1. If the solution on canceling of the order is made in the course of its forming, it is necessary to press the cancel button, or a special icon on "basket". It is possible to check operation on the sum of cost of purchase which should decrease by the sum of the goods removed from the order. If execution of the order already happened and the corresponding notification is received it is necessary to remember number assigned to it for the message it to the operator.

2. There are several ways of canceling of the issued order. It is possible to cancel the issued order in "Personal account" the cancel command. Such way is especially optimum on the weekend. After that it is necessary to call the manager of online store, to report about canceling and to report the order number.

3. Write about failure from the order by e-mail for e-mail the address of online store. As a rule, the e-mail address is specified on the website. Also write about failure in the notification on execution of the order.

4. The simplest and way of canceling, convenient for the seller and the buyer, is the call by phone to the manager of online store prior to completion of the order. For perishable goods this condition is indispensable. In case of canceling of the order after commission of payment for goods, return of money it is made within from one to three working days minus the sum for delivery of goods. If the goods are paid after delivery, the buyer has full authority to refuse goods, having paid only delivery.

5. The buyer can refuse also goods which were sent by mail. Failure from substandard goods in online store a little in what differs from exchange in stationary shops. Within seven days it is necessary to send defective goods, having saved at the same time the receipt on sending and the sales receipt.

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