How to carry out the Internet in the country

How to carry out the Internet in the country

Unfortunately, in the territory of our country still there are areas in which there is no continuous access in the Internet. If you need to carry out the Internet out of borders of the nearest town, then it is possible to use several options.

It is required to you

  • - Mobile phone;
  • - 3G-modem;
  • - Wi-Fi the router for the USB modem


1. At first try to use the mobile Internet. This simplest and reasonable solution. If in that zone where you plan to use the Internet, rather good signal level, then carry out connection via the mobile phone.

2. If your cell phone is not capable to work with 3G networks or 4G, and mobile network operators in this region give an opportunity of use of this channel, then buy the USB modem. At connection of this device to the computer it makes sense to use the USB extender. This cable will allow you to arrange the USB modem in a zone of the high level of a signal.

3. Configure operation parameters of the modem and be connected to the Internet. Check quality of connection and access rate in network. If you need to connect several mobile computers to the Internet at once, then use special Wi-Fi the router. In this case Internet access of this equipment is provided by means of the USB modem.

4. Configure operation parameters of the router and create wireless access point of Wi-fi. Connect to it your mobile computers and check activity of connection with the Internet. Use of the similar router has the mass of advantages. You can install the device in that zone of the best reception of a signal of the operator. Along with it, your laptops and even desktop computers can be at rather long distance from the router.

5. Remember that for simultaneous connection of several computers to the Internet it is better to use a high-speed unlimited data plan. The Internet channel will be distributed more or less evenly between all attached devices. It means that the access rate of each device will be much less rated value, specified in the selected rate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team