How to change a background on Twitter

How to change a background on Twitter

How to select among friends the micro blog on Twitter? One of optimum ways is to change standard design for more original, installed by the hands.


1. Social networks now popular way of self-expression. If to consider such demanded resource for reading micro blogs as Twitter, that is a set of ways to express in it the identity. For example, to change a boring standard background for something more refined.

2. For this purpose you to be necessary to visit the page and in the upper right corner to click an icon with a small screw. In the opened menu to select the column "Setup" fifth on top. Thus you will pass to the page for edition of personal data.

3. Further send the look to the left part of the screen where in the menu you will select a line "Design". Nineteen standard themes will be offered to you. Asterisks, leaves, florets, the star sky – select that it is necessary for soul and left-click on the selected background. Then glance over the page down, you will see the Save Changes button which and needs to be selected for the action of the same name.

4. The second option is a little more difficult, but from it not less attractive - to create a background independently. On the page of design go down slightly below than the choice of standard backgrounds and select the Change a Background function. You will need to load own image up to two megabytes in size. Then to save. Except the weight of the picture there are no restrictions. It can be the illustration found in network, a photo of the favourite pet or your smiling person. Give vent to imagination! Further, at will, postavt a tick before the word "pave". Lower select the provision of a background at the left, on the right or on the center. It is also possible to select color of a subject (color which will select links), for this purpose click a color band and in the emerged window configure the necessary shade.

5. For convenience of reading micro blogs on Twitter on the background selected by you, is more right than the heading "Translucent Shade", check depending on the choice – black or white. Also do not forget to save changes.

6. Now, visiting your page on Twitter, friends will never doubt your originality! Your personal background can disclose vital interests, hobbies, the relation to life and many other things! Experiment, be not afraid of self-expression.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team