How to change an avatar of VKontakte

How to change an avatar of VKontakte

Our mood often changes and depending on it each of us is inclined to change the avatar on social network "VKontakte. It can be done pretty fast and even in two available ways.


1. Visit a page of the profile. Directly under your photo (avatar) the list of options is located. The second option - "change the photo". Click it the left mouse button once, and you will see the list of options of adjustment of the photo. Select the option "load new" and also click once the left mouse button. You saw a window of loading of the photo.

2. Having pressed the Browse button, you thereby have an opportunity in the new opened window to select the necessary photo from your computer. As soon as the new avatar is selected – press it, then the open button. You saw the "editing the reduced copy" window. By means of it select that area of the picture which will be presented on the reduced copy of your avatar in lists of friends, discussions and other. For this purpose move with a mouse a window square according to the picture. Then click "save", and on your page the main photo will be updated.

3. You can update the avatar in a different way, using the photos loaded into the albums. For this purpose come into the photo albums (or having found in a column to the left of an avatar the reference "my photos", or having found "my photo albums" under the list of friends). Select a photo album necessary to you, and then the photo.

4. Below on the right under the picture find in the list of options "place on my page". Click it once. In the photo there was a frame, editing which you select the necessary area of the photo which will become your avatar. For this purpose move small squares in corners and at edges of a frame, clicking them the left mouse button.

5. After editing click to the right of the photo above "is ready", and your page with the new main picture will open. Otherwise click "canceling" if the selected picture did not satisfy you with something.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team