How to change color of a task bar

How to change color of a task bar

If you want to see the Task bar of the PC of more joyful, or quiet color you can change its color gamma to the taste. A lot of time will not occupy it. Let's consider how it is possible to change color of the Task bar on the example of Windows 7.

It is required to you

  • You will need the small Taskbar Color Changer Windows 7 utility and Aero technology.


1. Download and install the Taskbar Color Changer Windows 7 utility on the PC. It very simple and its installation does not require great efforts.

2. Download and install a graphic subsystem of "Aero" on the computer - it is useful to you and for other purposes. Start it.

3. Start the program. Before you the window will open – select color which is pleasant to you and which you want to color with the Task bar.

4. After you selected right color click the Apply button. Your Task bar changed color.

5. If you cannot decide on the choice of color at once – experiment by means of the option Random – she will pick up color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team