How to change data in my World

How to change data in my World

My World is a social network on which registration is offered by the mail system after you got the mailbox. My World allows to communicate, load and comment on photos, to look for people on different signs. Also at registration in my World it is required to provide personal information about study, work, a birthday, etc.

It is required to you

  • - computer with Internet connection
  • - browser


1. Start the browser. Pass to the website, enter the login and the password in a system and pass to the page in my World. Follow the link of setup which is at the bottom of the page and pass to the option "biographical particulars".

2. Enter in the first Alias field the desirable nickname, that is the invented name in a system. You can enter also the real name. In the field "your photo" is displayed your current photo that to change it press the Add/change a Photo button. In the first field it is possible to load a photo from the computer by means of the Browse button. The system supports the following file formats: JPEG (JPG), PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF. For loading of the image from the Internet insert the link to the photo in the following field. When the image which you want to use, is selected, click "Change". It is also possible to change a photo miniature, selecting it with the mouse cursor. After that click "save changes".

3. Enter new biographical particulars in the Name, Surname and Date of birth field. Pay attention, this field is mandatory, it is impossible to leave them empty. Select the floor in the respective field. In the following field change data on the city, select the necessary country, area and the city of residence. Select the residence on the card or from the list, having selected the corresponding link. After you changed these data in my world, you can install a tick in the field of "Display These Data in My Questionnaire in Mail.Ru the Agent and Allow Other Users to Find Me according to These Data".

4. Pass into the following field where it is possible to change data and settings of the Agent: display of the online status, permission of an input in the agent without password, adding in the contact list of all friends from my World.

5. Confirm that you want to change data, but not someone another, introduction of the password and click "Save". If you changed the mind, click "Restore" and your previous biographical particulars will return.

6. Pass to the option "Personal Information" and change the data in my World on your marital status, information about your formation, the sphere of work and hobby. For saving information click "Save".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team