How to change font size on the website

How to change font size on the website

If you created the website, filled it with content, and everything suits you, except the font size which can be too small or excessively large, then it is possible to correct a situation, having contacted tools and settings of the website.


1. Remember that for any actions for editing materials it is necessary to have the administrator's rights therefore become authorized on the website, using the corresponding login and the password. In this article the way of actions for the websites in the Ucoz system is considered.

2. Editing in the visual mode you can change font size regarding the text or on some certain page, without changing style of design of the block in which it is. For this purpose use the Edit tool. It can look as an image button of a pencil, a wrench or an eye, and is located or at the top of the field with material, or at the bottom of the page.

3. Press this button, the type of a window will change. Select text fragment necessary to you and find the Size field on the toolbar. Select that font size which suits you from a drop-down list, having clicked it with the left mouse button. Press the Save button at the bottom of the page that new settings became effective.

4. Editing a shablonayesla you want to change font size for a certain block, it is better to use the control panel. Become authorized on the website and choose the Login to the Control Panel command in the General menu. Enter the password and a confirmation code. In the section "Editor of Pages" select category "Management of Design of the Module".

5. In the top part of a window click with the left mouse button the General Templates point and select "The stylesheet (CSS)". In the editable field the code to which you need to make changes will be displayed. Find the block necessary to you and register for it font parameters. For example, record can look as follows: font-family:Verdana,Sans-Serif;color:#300;font-size:12px,где font size - font-size: 12px. After modification apply new settings, having pressed the Save button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team