How to change page scale in the browser

How to change page scale in the browser

Sometimes to users of personal computers happens not really conveniently to work with standard installations of browsers. For own comfort all parameters of browsers can be changed.

Page scale

Users can sometimes have different inconveniences connected with work in the browser. After installation of any given browser the parameters are set automatically (generally depending on the monitor screen sizes), but they are not always convenient. For example, the font size or page display in the browser can be too small or big, but the most popular - page scale. The possibility of change of these parameters is provided in each browser and to make it rather easily and simply.

Change of scale


If you installed the Mozilla Firefox browser, then it is possible to change page display options, having clicked "View". After that the additional window in which it is possible to change different parameters will open. To change page display scale, it is necessary to select the Scale item. For increase in scale it is possible to click "Increase", and for reduction, respectively, "Reduce". Right after clicking these buttons, scale will change and take that form which to you is more preferable. Certainly that it is possible to return standard parameters, by means of the Reset button.

As for the Internet Explorer browser, process of change of scale of the page here same, as well as in Mozilla Firefox. The only difference is that here it is possible to select from already specified parameters or to set own values.

In the Opera browser for change of scale of the page it is necessary to come into the Tools menu and there to select the Setup item. After that the additional window where it is necessary to find "General settings" will open. Here the user can change various display options of the page. On the Web pages tab the user can select the most suitable scale of the page (it is measured as a percentage). Besides, pages in the browser can be changed so that they were located on width. For this purpose it is necessary just to press the corresponding button.

For change of scale of pages in the Google Chrome browser it is necessary to click an icon of a gear (wrench) which is in the window upper right corner, and in the appeared menu to select "Settings and management" and then optimum scale is specified. In new versions of the program to change scale it is possible easier. For this purpose it is also necessary to click on the image of a gear and to find the Scale point. Clicking plus or minus, it is possible to increase or reduce page scale.

Besides, all modern browsers support a possibility of change of scale with the hot keys. Ctrl and ""+" - increases scale, and Ctrl and "" -"" - reduces scale.

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