How to change ping

How to change ping

Ping is time on which the signal on the way to the server and back is delayed. Ping is of great importance in online games which require the high speed of reaction. The less delay, the quicker a signal of actions of the player is transmitted to the server.


1. The most effective way of change of a ping – reduction or increase in loading of the channel of Internet access. It is possible to make it by change of number of active connections and other operations which occupy the channel. So, to lower a ping, disconnect a torrent client, stop loading of all files, close Internetbrowserthe window. Make the return operations for its increase.

2. Also on a ping the total load influences the processor. A certain quantity of system resources is spent for the programs started in the background or working along with the game. And loading goes both on the processor, and on random access memory. Respectively, to increase a ping, start several programs along with the game. For reduction of a delay disconnect all resource-intensive programs.
During the load of the operating system a large number of different processes is started. Open "Task manager" and complete those processes which will not be necessary for you in further work.

3. If the listed above ways did not solve a problem, it is possible to change value of signal delay by means of graphic settings of a game (if change of settings of graphics is supported). If you install the highest requirements to a configuration, the computer can will not cope with the assigned loading (most often the weak video card is the main reason). It will lead to increase in a ping.
Reduce graphic settings to a minimum, and the ping considerably will decrease. If at reduction of parameters of graphics the game process became less comfortable, increase a configuration of video a little and estimate changes. Repeat operation several times and achieve an optimal solution.

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