How to change the avatar size

How to change the avatar size

Almost at each forum the administration is something like a pantheon of gods. They are free to set the rules to which users willy-nilly should submit. Certainly, the maximum size of an avatar not always depends on a whim of organizers of a forum, there can be also other reasons, for example features of the engine. But the fact the fact if there is a problem of reduction of an avatar, it needs to be solved somehow. For example, by means of Adobe Photoshop.

It is required to you

  • - Adobe Photoshop.


1. Start the Adobe Photoshop program and open in it the necessary file: click a menu item of File-> Open or click Ctrl+O key shortcut. In the appeared window select an avatar and click "Open". The picture will appear in work area of the program.

2. Click a menu item of Image-> Image size or click Alt+Ctrl+I key shortcut.

3. Find the section Pixel dimensions in the appeared window. By means of replacement of parameters in the Width and Height data entry fields which are in this section you can change the avatar size.

4. If it is necessary for you that the harmony of the parties of an avatar remained invariable, do not forget to check near the Constrain proportions point. That this setup is included, will say also that near data entry fields of width and length there will be a square bracket and an emblemka of a chain. At change of any of these parameters also another will change. If you, on the contrary, need to stretch one of the parties of an avatar, disconnect this nastroka, i.e. remove (or do not tick off) near the Save Proportions point.

5. That at size variation of an avatar he lost a clearness minimum, activate the Resample image point and in a drop-down menu which is under it, select "Bicubic more accurately (the best for reduction)" (Bicubic (best for reduction)). To save the result, click a menu item of File-> "Save as" (Save as) or click the Ctrl+Shift+S hot keys. In the appeared window select path for new option of an avatar, enter a name, in the Type of Files field specify that which is necessary to you (as a rule, the majority of forums, blogs, the websites and so forth support the Jpeg format) and click "Save".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team