How to change the background image on Twitter

How to change the background image on Twitter

Execution of each page of Twitter can be made unique and interesting, using possibilities of service for the choice of design. You can make your Twitter unique and attractive, having spent on its design of a little free time.


1. To change the background image on Twitter, select the Setup tab in the menu which is in the top part of the page. Further under your photo in a profile there will be a pop-up menu, select in it the Design tab.

2. In the opened page to you will are suggested to select a subject by default or to select one of available themes. From all options which are presented in the Design menu you can install both the background image, and the color gamma corresponding to it.

3. On Twitter all offered subjects are displayed in the form of miniatures of square shape in the Designer tab. The choice of one of such miniatures not only will change the background image, but also color of any given parts of the page and also headings. After you select one of the offered themes, you can change color of the page to the discretion.

4. Select a type of a tile which will be the most convenient in use. You can select a tile pattern on the taste, for this purpose press the Tile Background button then you select a checkbox opposite to the pleasant image.

5. Also, you can make the background image the photo or the beautiful picture from the computer, in that case the theme of your Twitter will be unique and original. For this purpose click on the link which is located in a bottom margin after the offered images. Further press the Browse button, select the necessary file on the computer and load it.

6. Do not install the picture or the photo of too big size, otherwise on screens with the small permission it will look massivno and ridiculously. Select files with the resolution no more than 600 pixels. To the background image pick up the color scheme which will be combined with it most of all.

7. When the selected subject completely suits you, press the Save Changes button.

8. Also, Twitter suggests to configure the account, using enhanced features through Themeleon service. The link to this service is right after the choice of standard subjects. To get access to functionality of Themeleon, follow the link and synchronize the account, having pressed the Sign in button.

9. The top menu of service contains a collection of background images, in addition to a background you can select a pattern, adjust a color palette. When you select the theme which was pleasant to you, press the Save Profile button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team