How to change the blog entry

How to change the blog entry

Once was fashionable to keep a personal diary, now the modern generation has a new hobby – blogging. Depending on type of the blog and the platform on which it is located this operation is performed differently. The most popular phenomenon is the blog on LJ or LIRA today.

It is required to you

  • the account on the blog Live Journal or LiveInternet.


1. Live Journal – in translation "LiveJournal", from here went the reduced name "LJ". Live Internet is a large number of the blogs integrated by one website, design, opportunities, etc. Roughly speaking, it is the platform on which any registered user can create the diary and share the thoughts with friends and acquaintances.

2. Registration procedure in this service does not differ from other websites and takes only several minutes. After completion of registration it is necessary to log in the account, also this action needs to be made if you created the blog earlier. In the upper right corner of the homepage enter the login and the password, then click Enter.

3. Having appeared in the account, click addressed to your account which is found near the Way out button in the same upper right corner. You should see your personal page, for editing any record it is necessary to pass to it, having clicked its heading. Then press the Edit button, and after completion of editing click "Save Record".

4. Blogs on the LiveInternet platform are constructed by the same principle: a set of blogs are integrated by a single network. The login to the account occurs as follows: on the homepage of LiveInternet pay attention to the top line of the Enter menu, there are 3 links. Click on the link "In the Diary" and enter the login and the password, then click "Enter".

5. For a login to the diary click the link "My Diary" in the right part more correct than a menu line. Having appeared in the diary, click heading of record which you would like to edit.

6. Click the link "Edit" and after introduction of all changes click "Publish". Since your record was updated, you can tell friends about it again, having made article retweet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team