How to change the homepage on Mozilla?

How to change the homepage on Mozilla?

Mozilla Firefox – the browser which deserved the popularity thanks to the safety and, first of all, flexibility of setup. The program has a large number of parameters by means of which you will be able to set any settings of display of resources and behavior when opening pages of the Internet.

This application for web browsing was for the first time released in 2004. The program received the name in honor of a wild small animal - a small panda who in English is called firefox. It is remarkable that the second part of the name of the Mozilla company which developed this software product on a logo is written from a small letter (mozilla).


Installation of the homepage of the browser


Change or installation of the homepage is carried out in settings of the browser which are in the separate section of the menu of the program. For access to them open the program by means of a label on a desktop or the corresponding point in the Start menu. Wait for start of the observer.


Here you will see a window which can be separated into 3 parts conditionally. In the central part the contents of the websites are displayed. At start of the browser you can select display of the Firefox homepage or select own resource on the Internet which will be called "House", i.e. started right after clicking a label of the observer in a system. In the left top part of a window of the program there is a Firefox button which allows to get access to browser parameters.

Below the address bar which is used for input of the address of the website is located.

For change of the home page press the Firefox button and select the section "Setup". Click with a left mouse button on this line. On the screen the window in which it will be possible to configure all necessary settings of the browser will appear. Select the General tab. In the Start block the tuning of page display at start of the program is performed. In a line "At start of Firefox" in a drop-down list select "Show the home page". In the line "Home page" enter the address of the website to which you want to pass after opening of an application window at once.

You can also set the specific page as house automatically, without entering the website address into manual. For this purpose pass to the website which you would like to make initial, having used an address bar of the browser. Then again turn into "Settings" - "General" and press the Use the Current Page button. After that at start of Firefox the website which now at you is open in the browser will be loaded.

By means of settings there is also an opportunity to import the home page from bookmarks. For this purpose click the Use a Bookmark button in a settings window and select the website which at you is saved in the section "Bookmarks". The Restore by Default button will allow to return the Firefox homepage as house.

Other parameters of the program

You can edit if desired other Mozilla settings. For example, in the section "Tabs" you can change behavior of the browser when opening several websites in one window. In the options "Contents" - to change the language of display of pages and a font used for plotting of elements of the website. The section "Applications" is responsible for fine tuning of plug-ins, and "Privacy" contains data on history logging in the browser and other data on the visited pages which can deliver resources.

For saving the made settings of the home page and the selected values in other sections click "Ok" and restart the program for application of all changes.

The section "Protection" will allow to block the browser and to set the password for access to it. "Synchronization" will allow to install the necessary settings of the program through connection to other computer. In the section "Additional" you will be able to look at settings of network and other display options of the text.

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