How to change the network password

How to change the network password

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The network password serves as means of safety when using wireless technology of Internet access of Wi-fi. If you set too simple and short password, most likely, it will be easy for strangers to use it.

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1. Open the Ethernet settings of the router in your computer and reset them on values by default. Open the browser which usually you use for access to the network in your computer and register the address of your router in its line. Enter a user name of the administrator by default (for the majority of models of routers after reset of parameters admin user name) without password and set all necessary security settings as they were reset. State a new user name of network and the password of dl of connection in the same menu then apply changes.

2. If you want to change someone else's network password, use the third-party software. As the majority of similar programs are means of cracking, pay attention to the website from which you download it, the file of installation may contain trojans which can do much harm to operation of your computer.

3. Best of all use programs about which there are approving responses of other users who are earlier installing them for change of the password on foreign network. Pay attention that in most cases this action is illegal and can cause certain consequences therefore use these programs, without violating instructions for use of someone else's network equipment.

4. Install the program downloaded by you on the computer, start it and pass to search of networks. Pay attention that in this case you, most likely, need the login and the password for an entrance to foreign network. After that by means of the menu of the program come into settings of the router and also reset them on values by default. After that register your own user name and password, apply and save changes.

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