How to change the password in Schoolmates

How to change the password in Schoolmates

The social site "Schoolmates" is one of resources, popular in network, for communication. Having created the personal page in "Schoolmates", you will be able to find old friends and to get acquainted with new interesting people. During registration you will need to think up the login and the password which will be used as "keys" for an input on the website.


1. The password ensures certain safety of the account of the user and excludes a possibility of cracking of the personal page by strangers. For the greatest protection of a profile it is recommended to change credentials including the password periodically.

2. In "Schoolmates" it is possible to make it in several ways. The first of them will demand from the user to visit the homepage of the website, the located at Here the window with the Login and Password fields for which change it will be necessary to click the inscription "Forgot the Password or the Login?" is located.

3. Click this link and pass to the following page where it will be offered to you to specify by the first step the login, the e-mail address or the phone number. Then you will need to enter correctly the characters specified on the picture. If you cannot sort that is written in this window, click the link "Show Other Picture".

4. After you will pass to the page where you will read the notification that the code, necessary for password recovery, will be sent to your phone. Click "Continue" and wait for the SMS message. On the following page enter the received cipher and click "Confirm the Code". Now enter the new password and duplicate it in a bottom line. Click "Continue".

5. The second option of change of the password assumes execution of the following steps. On the personal page under the main photo click the Still button and find the Change Settings point. Then pass to the following page and select the section "Password". Then the new window in which it will be offered to enter the current password and twice – new will appear. Then for modification click "Save". Having executed this operation, further for an input it will be necessary to point the new password to the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team