How to change the password in WoT

How to change the password in WoT

World of Tanks - the online game most popular at the moment devoted to tank actions of times of World War II. Developers regularly safeguard accounts and urge players to change the passwords not to become the victims of theft.

Wargaming, the developer company of the game World Of Tanks, time in several months starts the mass notification for players. The essence comes down to a simple thought: change your password that the hacker did not get the spent hours of a game and the received tanks – the password to the account is more difficult, the probability is less that it will be able to be picked up. As this procedure in your interests, is recommended not to ignore such warnings.

The procedure of change of the password in WoT


From the game it is impossible to change the password therefore it is necessary to open the browser. For a start you will need to go to the website World of Tanks and to come into the profile, using or Open ID (special identifier which allows to get access to all resources and all projects of the developer), or the e-mail on which this account is registered. In the table upper right corner you will see the game name, after clicking it the menu will be deployed – select the Personal account item. On the opened page find the red button "Change the Password" – the system will ask to confirm the login and the current password once again. After that you will get on the page of change of the password. Requirements to the new password: it may contain only Latin, a set of digits from zero to nine and a character of an underscore, its length should make more than eight characters, in it should meet both capital, and small letters, and digits, it cannot match your e-mail address or a game name. It will be necessary to enter it twice – into a line "The new password" and a line "Confirmation".


The new password becomes effective at once after change – and for logging into the personal account on the website, and for an entrance to a game. In autocompletion forms if at you the Remember the Password function is included, it does not change automatically, you should enter it manually. However, after the first input the system will remember it again.

Bonuses from change of the password

The positive moment – Wargaming not just like that announces an action on increase in safety. If you complete the procedure of change of the password during the announced time frame, you are waited by premiumny game currency, gold as a reward for responsiveness and readiness to cooperate with developers. A trifle, and it is pleasant – will be enough for purchase of the new place in a hangar, shells or transfer of the accumulated experience to free.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team