How to change the password on a mailbox in Yandex

How to change the password on a mailbox in Yandex

At registration of a mailbox in the system of Yandex the users are recommended to select the easy login and the difficult password. It is quite explainable: the login is the beginning of the e-mail address, it should be dictated to other people. The password serves for protection of correspondence. If it is a lung, malefactors cannot calculate it. If you decided to change the password on a mailbox in Yandex, it is necessary to perform several operations.


1. Start the browser and open the homepage of Yandex. Become authorized in a system, using the old password. Remember that at registration of a mailbox you got access to all services Yandex, therefore, when changing the password to mail the password of access and to all other services of a system will change ("Yandex.Disk", "Yandex. Bookmarks" and so on).

2. After authorization in the upper right corner of the browser your login will appear. Click it with the left mouse button, - the menu will be deployed. Choose the Change the Password command. On the opened page "Yandex. The passport" in the Old Password field specify that password with which you logged in.

3. In the New Password field enter new character set. If there were difficulties, use the link hint "How to Select the Password". In the Confirm the New Password field specify the same data, as in the second field. Enter in the respective field the test code from the picture slightly below and click "Is ready". The new password will be considered by a system, and you will appear on the homepage of Yandex again.

4. It is possible to change the password of a mailbox and some other way. Become authorized in the system of Yandex and click with the left mouse button the login in the browser upper right corner. In the deployed menu select the Passport item.

5. On the opened page your personal data, and on the right – available actions will be had at the left. Select the Change the Password item in the right menu and perform operations similar described in the second and third step.

6. You can change the password of a mailbox, being on the page of any Yandex service, but if for you essentially to make it directly in the mail, click the All Settings button (in the form of a gear) and select the section "Safety" in a drop-down menu. On the opened page click the button link "change the password" in a phrase "For the purpose of safety we recommend to change regularly the password from a mailbox". Perform the operations described in Paragraphs No. 2 and 3.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team