How to change the phone number of VKontakte

How to change the phone number of VKontakte

For quite some time now the indication of mobile phone number is an obligatory step at registration on social network "VKontakte". This number is used for confirmation of the identity of the user and commission of different operations. If desired it can be changed at discretion.


1. Enter your profile on social network "VKontakte", using the login and the password. Pass into a menu item "My settings". Thumb through the page down to the Your phone number point. Here you will see the current issue which part is hidden for the purpose of safety. Press the Change the Phone Number button. If the page was registered long ago, you will see the Tie the Phone Number to the Page field.

2. Enter number desirable to you in the international format as it will be specified in the instruction on the screen. The SMS message with the digital code which will need to be entered in the respective field will be sent to the specified phone. After that there will be a change of the phone number, and in the top part of your page there will be the corresponding notification which will remain in sight within 14 days. If after this term you do not take any actions, new number will be finally assigned to your page. The social network "VKontakte" allows to replace number no more than 3 times.

3. If you exhausted all attempts of change of the phone number, you can delete old and register the new page, having specified desirable data. In this case do not forget to save the separate file the list of your friends and also all other necessary data (photos, documents, video files, etc.) quickly to restore them at registration of the new page.

4. The social network "VKontakte" also provides a possibility of change the phone number which is visible to friends on your page in the section "Contact Information". Press the Edit button and delete row-oriented data "Mobile phone" and "Alternative telephone" then specify desirable information. Click "Save".

5. Some users face cracking of their personal page by malefactors who change the current issue of phone and other registration data. Because of it the user loses access to the profile. In this situation contact support of social network "VKontakte", having clicked the corresponding link on the homepage of the website. Describe a key part of the problem. Usually it is solved within 1-2 days then will come to your phone number specified at registration or e-mail the notification on successful return of the page. At an entrance to the profile it will be automatically offered to you to set the new phone number and also the login and the password.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team