How to change Windows

How to change Windows

Windows - one of the most demanded operating systems. Unfortunately, beginning users can face a set of problems, including with the OS installation and its replacement.

Before changing one Windows for another, it is necessary to learn about the minimum system requirements which are imposed by the operating system, and already then to start the choice of any given Windows operating system. Today users can install practically any OS of the Windows family which is necessary to them. The most demanded today: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.


Choice of OS


Until recently users of personal computers considered that an optimal variant - Windows XP, and to some extent they are right. It is caused directly by what this operating system consumes much less system resources. Windows Vista does not enjoy today wide popularity as it is considered that it was not finished and at the same time it consumes much more system resources. Windows 7 and Windows 8 are similar at each other. Certainly, not in the visual plan, and in the requirements to the computer. Both versions of Windows consume about 512 MB - 1 GB of random access memory. As for compatibility (in the majority, it concerns games), Windows XP maintains the minimum quantity of applications, in difference from Windows 7 and Windows 8 today. Before starting installation, it is necessary to understand what version of Windows it is the best of all to install - h86 or h64. The first option best of all will approach if you on the computer is less than 6 Have some of random access memory, and h64 will approach just if it is more memory, than 6 GB.


Change and OS installation

Before starting directly installation process of the operating system, it is necessary to make sure that on the hard drive of the personal computer there is no important file left. If they are, then it is better to transfer them to other media. After that the hard drive is subject to full formatting (all data which are stored on the hard drive will be deleted).

Then it is necessary in the BIOS settings, namely in the field of Boot, to change Boot Device Priority. After clicking the new window where in line 1st Boot Device, it is necessary to select the drive for disks (for example, CDROM will appear: PM-Optiarc D). This simple action allows the computer to load information not from the hard drive as was earlier, and from DVD which is in the drive.

The next stage consists directly in the Windows installation. After these settings in BIOS are changed, it is necessary to insert the setup disk and to reboot. The user will see the window reporting about installation of the operating system and here it just should follow the appearing instructions.

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