How to check a ping of the Internet

How to check a ping of the Internet

The user of the Windows operating system can have a need to check availability any the Internet of a node. For this purpose there are several ways. In a general sense "ping" (English ping) is a program network interaction between nodes of network which means sending a series of office network packages on which the remote node usually gives the answer response if only from its party it is not forbidden.

It is required to you

  • The installed operating system of the Windows family;
  • Connection to the Internet;
  • The installed browser.


1. Establish connection with the Internet regularly with what it is provided by settings of your operating system.

2. Click with the left mouse button on "Start-up" or click the corresponding key on the keyboard. You will select a menu item "Execute". It is possible to act simpler, having clicked the Win-R keyboard shortcut. The "start of the program" window will open. Make sure that an input language English. Enter the following command, and later click Enter or click on "OK" left mouse button:
cmd/k ping www.ruB this example via the command processor of the operating system will be initiated start of the ping.exe utility for a parcel of test packages for a host (node of network) of and waiting of the answer from it with the analysis of time response characteristics. If the node gives the answer, then four answers will be received.

3. Having got acquainted with results, close a window of the command processor or enter the EXIT command in its window and click the ENTER key.

4. Let's consider how to carry out a ping using the Internet of resources. Start the browser and in an entry line of the address type

5. Enter in the data entry field over the request button and click it. On completion of testing, the detailed report of this node will be provided.

6. More "colourful" service can use if to pass to the address
Before you the interface which designates by a green arrow your geographic location will be displayed and if to guide on it the pointer, details will be reported.

7. Small white circles designated the offered test nodes. Alternately you direct at them the pointer and select demanded by clicking by the left mouse button. For the shift of the card record left click in any place which is designated in blue color. These are areas out of nodes. After the choice in the upper left corner of the interface the PING value for the selected node will be displayed.

8. If you wish to select other services, then take place
This page will provide the extensive list of Internet links to a ping services.

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