How to check a purse of WebMoney

How to check a purse of WebMoney

For the last 5 years the electronic management systems of finance became so popular that, apparently, it will be possible to buy all soon without leaving the house. As a practice shows, accessing money happens much less often if to hold them on the electronic account since the balance of the remained means can be learned at any time.

It is required to you

  • Software of WebMoney Keeper Classic.


1. From the official site of the WebMoney company it is possible to download the special program by means of which it is possible not only to check a status of the purse, but also to execute different financial transactions. Perhaps the only minus of this program is the lack of support of other platforms other than Windows, for example, the whole operating system family of Linux.

2. The loaded file has the name wmk_ru.exe. Start it to make program installation on your computer. Pay attention to hints of "Installation wizard", with its help you will be able to install this program easily and quickly. In completion of installation of the main program it will be offered to you to execute loading of the additional WebMoney Advisor utility - addition to your browser which defines assessment of each website regarding its rating on the website WebMoney (gradation of the positive and negative reviews).

3. If after installation of this software of automatic start did not occur, start the program from the All Programs list of the Start menu. At start of the program on the screen the dialog box by means of which it is possible to get access to the e-wallets appears. Select a way of authorization — if you have key files, specify to them path. The most reliable way of authorization is use of couple "number answer" of E-num storage service.

4. Select the service offered above, receive the code on the mobile phone and enter it in the empty field of an open window. If the number matched, you will see a window for input of the confidential password which allows to get access to the account on your WMID'e.

5. Now on the screen the narrow strip of a window will appear, here you can check quantity of money in the purse and execute transaction operations. For completion of work with electronic money it is enough to right-click on an icon with the image of an ant in a tray and to select the Close item.

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