"How to check in icq, in the ignore list you or not"

"How to check in icq, in the ignore list you or not"

If you use the program of instant messages of ICQ, for certain at least once asked yourself a question - whether on the business one of contacts of the list so long appears in network or you began to be ignored? The answer to this question can be found by means of special programs.

It is required to you

  • - working version of ICQ;
  • - Internet connection.


1. Try to act with cunning for a start. It is possible to try to give number of ICQ of the person whom you want to check to the good friend. Let he will add it to the list of the contacts and will look - in network it or not. Thus, it will be obvious - this contact ignores you or not. By the way, it is necessary to know that in the analog version of ICQ - QIP is the Invisible Eye function. With its help it is possible to learn whether there is a person in offline actually or just does not want to communicate with you. In one more clone of ICQ - Miranda to understand, ignore you or not, it is possible, having attentively studied the Delivery of the Message function. If you wrote the message to contact which now out of network, at the same time opposite to it the tick appeared - means, the message after all is delivered, and this person, most likely, entered you in the list of ignored. If there is no delivery report, then, most likely, this user of the program actually does not visit her long ago.

2. It is possible to find services which it is free in the Internet and in read seconds will check in what mode now the owner of the necessary uin. Having just entered number of ICQ in the set field, you receive the answer: in network of people or not. If yes, but in your list opposite to its nickname the red flower burns - means, you got to the ignore list. Nevertheless developers of resources admit that this check will not yield 100% of result.

3. Can install on the computer the small utility for verification of the list of the ignored contacts those who with mistrust treat different programs online. For example, it is possible to download and install such program as ICQ Ignore Checker v.1.3.1. At its use it is necessary to wait until checked connects to the web, to enter the number and the password, and then to write number of the one whom you want to check and to click Check. On numerous responses at computer forums, the program copes with the task practically in all cases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team