How to check indexation on Yandex

How to check indexation on Yandex

All serious Russian-speaking websites focused on receiving visitors from search engines have no right to ignore Yandex. More than 60% of residents of the Russian Federation use this service.

Why full indexation of pages of the website is necessary

Indexation of all pages of the website gives a guarantee of favorable location of search engine to your website. As a rule, if there are no pages of the website searching or they vanish, the domain got under filters for any artificial manipulations for increase in the website in results of delivery.


If all articles posted on the website get to the basis for the searcher, so they can be found by users. So the majority of the websites receives visitors.

Ways of check of indexation of pages of the website in Yandex

For check of indexation of the website in Yandex it is possible to use several methods. Each of them correct has also no advantages before others.

Very first and simple to set request in a search string of site: your domain. So you will see the exact number of pages in the index of Yandex. The number will be written at the left in a corner under a logo of Yandex. It is expressed in number of the found answers.

The second not less easy way to select the text offer on any page of the website, to quote it and to enter into a search string. Such action shows whether the specific page is indexed, but does not speak about full indexation of the website. This way is ideal for measurement of time of adding of new pages in delivery.

The third way – visit of any website of statistics of parameters of the domain. Time of their response to your request on average 1 minute. Such service will prompt you existence of titsa, pr, quantity of mentions of the website in other sources and indexation in search engines of Yandex and Google. Value for the websites on which pages more than 1000 it is rounded down.

For inexact definition of indexation of the website it is possible to use the counters installed on the website. If in day to you to the website more than 10 people come from Yandex, so pages are indexed. This search engine does not give visitors on for the filtered websites at all.

That as pages of your website are indexed by robots of the search engine, verification of the file of dens on your server shows. The file for the present day is recommended to be downloaded on the computer and to carry out search by it with the word Yandex. So you will find all lines, so, and pages to which the bot referred. On the blocked websites he does not come further the homepage and the robots.txt file. If he visited other pages, then with indexation everything is all right.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team