How to check speed in network

How to check speed in network

Speed of the Internet – its most the quality is important for the user who spends in network much time. If your Internet does not give you the chance to perform necessary work, or is just quiet and with pleasure to watch the favourite movie, hangs up and strongly irritates – check the speed of the Internet. When you are connected to the Internet, your supplier specifies a certain speed which it undertakes to provide you in the contract. Unfortunately, it is not always true. Here several councils how it is possible to learn the actual speed of your connection.

It is required to you

  • You will need to use services of service which gives an opportunity to learn the speed of the Internet. Now speed can be measured on many websites, but for the first time let's it make by means of service ""I on the Internet!"".


1. First of all, check the PC for presence of viruses. It is obligatory. Start the antivirus and an antispyware, and give to programs to work. If programs detect viruses and other malicious applications, delete them from the computer. After that it makes sense to start an antivirus once again, just in case, for certain to make sure of purity of the PC.

2. After cleaning of the computer disconnect an antivirus, an antispyware, a torrent, and all network programs installed on your computer from viruses.

3. Check network activity. It becomes so: click the right mouse button on network connection. In the Status window you will see the number of the accepted and sent packages. If this quantity keeps steadily – you have nothing to worry. If you see that the number of packages sharply increases – it is bad. Means, you or did not disconnect all network programs and some of them works, or in your PC there was a virus. Disconnect network programs and delete viruses. We pass, actually, to check of speed.

4. On the website on the Internet!"" to the address You will see on the page a lineechka of green color with the inscription ""Measure Speed"". Click it and wait. After a while you will see the entering and outgoing speed at the moment of time.

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