How to check the domain for the ban

How to check the domain for the ban

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Many experienced a web of the master know that the domain is more senior, the it is more to it than trust in the opinion of search engines. However it is equally well possible also opposite — the former owner violated rules of search engines, and this domain was banned because of violations. Therefore for many there is a question — how to check the domain for existence it in the ban sheet.

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1. If you register absolutely new domain name, then you will have no problems with reflections about that, this name is banned or not. It cannot be banned since was just born. At the same time you will start work from scratch and it is necessary to put a lot of effort to bring this name to more or less decent positions in extradition of searchers.

2. Nevertheless it is plus at an old domain name much, however it is possible to use them only if this name is not banned. Also it should be taken into account specifics of work of search engines — they will give preference to your website with an old domain name only if the structure of your website and its information filling will correspond to structure and filling of the website predecessor.

3. However even in case of successful creation of the website assigned to a certain domain you can face that searchers will refuse to add this domain name because of an exception it from search.

4. How to carry out verification of the domain? Many advise a web of the master to register the website by means of a form of adding of the website in the index (so-called "addurilka", from the words "add url" - "add the reference"). In case of affirmative answer from service everything should be normal. However even if all of you made correctly, can receive the message that the server is unavailable or to receive return of an error from service.

5. Understand one important point - when accessing the website at first check on existence of the project is carried out (by means of server request on which the website is located). Check on the ban is carried out strictly after the previous step.

6. On the basis of the aforesaid it is simple to draw a conclusion that it is impossible to check the domain for the ban.

7. It is possible to check the domain only after its purchase and placement on it at least one page of index.html. Only after that you will be able freely to add the website on indexing then you learn about that, your domain is banned or not.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team