How to check the iPhone for viruses

How to check the iPhone for viruses

Owners of mobile devices with the operating system iOS know that this operating system is rather impregnable for viruses, but at connection of the device, for example, to the PC there is a danger that on Iphone the virus will get.

Mobile devices on the basis of IOS are one of the safest. All business is that the iPhone file system is closed from viewing, and it means that no virus will be able to do harm to the mobile device (if the factory firmware is installed). If the owner of such device stitched phone or installed programs not only from the official site (AppStore), then the probability of hit of viruses increases by phone many times.

Certainly, there are ways of check of the mobile device on presence of viruses. It is possible to make it or by means of the antivirus software which is already installed directly on the user's computer, or by means of special antiviruses for iPhone.


Check by means of the personal computer


In the first case it is necessary to connect the mobile device to the personal computer by means of USB. After the computer finds it, it is possible to start the antivirus installed on the PC and to start check of a removable disk (phone memory cards). On the end of a procedure of check the antivirus will show to the user all found vulnerabilities and the found malicious software. Certainly that such way not the most convenient. Best of all - to download antivirus software for the mobile device on AppStore and to install it.

Antiviruses for mobile devices

There are some of the most popular options, it: Intego VirusBarrier X6, ESET Cybersecurity, Panda Antivirus, Norton AntiVirus. Each of them possesses the merits and demerits.

Intego VirusBarrier X6 checks most archives and attachments, scripts, finds and recovers the damaged data, the malicious software. The main advantage of this antivirus is that it pretty fast executes check. ESET Cybersecurity is not capable to treat archives and attachments, but, fortunately, this software protects the user during Internet surfing, thanks to special anti-phishing functions. Among the main shortcomings it is possible to select that in difference from the previous option, ESET Cybersecurity works quite slowly. The functionality of Panda Antivirus, Norton of AntiVirus approximately same, their only distinction consists in the cost of these applications. It should be noted that owners of computers with the MAC operating system can use these antivirus software too.

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