How to check the page for relevance

How to check the page for relevance

The relevance is a compliance between contents of the page and search query. The page is more relevant, the more usefully and more clear information for the user on it is had. Search engines select a number of the indicators characterizing this compliance.

The relevance is defined by two factors: internal and external. Internal depend directly on the website. External are thematic links which will enter on the necessary page. However ideal indicators do not exist. Depending on competition of request and subject, they can significantly differ. The relevance is defined, analyzing these factors.


The main component of the relevant page is the text. Directly depends on its quality and optimization, how easily the page will appear in a top of search engines. First of all, the text should answer a question of the user. The more useful information will contain on the page, the search engines will be more loyal treats it.


Further there are keywords. If the user looks for information on advance in network, then the text also should contain words from this subject. It is the best of all to use direct occurrences of search query or its morphological forms. It will allow search systems easier to define relevance of content.

The following indicator – convenience of reading. Surprisingly, but search engines pay attention and to it. The more will be different graphic elements, the better. Diagrams, the marked lists, pictures, video, subheadings, selection bold, italics, underlining and quotes. Surely pay attention to all these means as they play an important role.

Other factors

In addition to the factors connected with content there is also some other. The age of the website and its different indicators are also important. The resource will be more senior, the it is easier to advance it in a top. Search engines already trust content which is located on its page and consider them more relevant.

The unique design also has important value. The search robot visits millions of resources and, of course, long ago learned to recognize the identical code. Therefore if you use a unique subject, then it will be plus.

Also relevance indicators of tITs and PR indirectly influence. Than more websites refer to a resource, especially reliable it is considered in terms of search engines. From here also the external factor of relevance – the reference mass of the page follows. Than it is more, that more usefully information on it contains.

In addition to external references links internal are considered. If the search robot sees that this information is relevant also within other articles, then increases its importance. In particular, by means of powerful internal relinking Wikipedia moves ahead.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team